About HBSL

Specialised procurement agency for the hospitality industry

HBSL stand for Hospitality Businesses Spending Less: in name and in ambition. The reality is, we believe, that you do not have the time to analyse the small print of every contract.
We do.

Why? We love great service, so we do what we are best at so that you can focus extra on what you are specialise in: maintaining service levels and quality standard of your hotel and restaurant.

How? By uncovering savings within your business. Or, more precisely, by letting us uncover savings within your business for you.

Focus on the big picture. Let us look on the small stuff for you.

Act like Mazda

If you are looking for improving your performance, there are two options: expand resources or streamline the structure. Mazda’s Gram Strategy focuses on the latter: they analyse every component of the vehicle and find ways of making it lighter, even by a few grams, but preserving its performance. Little savings add up as they proved with the fourth generation of Mazda MX-5, which was 100kg lighter than its predecessor. They’ve created a superstar lightweight roadster. According to its website, Mazda MX-5 is still the best selling two-seater sports car ever.

In the world of motoring, Mazda became a hallmark of smart improvement. I came up with HBSL, a way of applying their strategy to businesses, helping them become hallmarks of improvement within the hospitality industry.

HBSL does this by scrupulously analysing critical aspects of the business and finding savings in unexpected places – freeing up cash that can now be spent on funding their competitive advantage.

“HBSL takes care of the assessment, sourcing of the best deal and the paperwork – and we can do that for you, too.”
Nicholas Challen, Founder

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