Case Studies

HBSL generating savings on Merchant Cards

The problem

MERCHANT FEES TO HIGH. The client, a hotelier, wanted to review fees of £35000 a year.

The conversation

We introduced them to HBSL supply partner, via a conference call. The client engaged our services.


HBSL was able to reduce the cost by 22% £7700 a year.


We had got involved a bit too late and the client had committed elsewhere. Also, they were amazed and suspicious of our prices – too good to be true!

How to save on Merchant Cards

The problem

Again, the hotel wanted to review fees of £35000 a year.

The Introduction

Invoices for review by email.


HBSL identified cost savings of 16.62% £3144 p.a.

Office Copiers and Desktop Printers

London Theatre
1000 members of staff with 50 offices in different locations.

The problem
Spend too high with an uncoordinated network and procurement process.

Review of the current processes and reported back.

Solution and result
Coordinated network, streamlined purchasing process. Annual costs reduced by 30 to 40% p.a.

Hotel Group – Scotland

Saving across the estate of 10%, but more important to the client was to coordinate the contracts so they can save time in managing the supply.

As contracts come up for renewal, they are all being entered into new contracts with the same end date.
In the future all contract across the entire estate can be death with together.

Hotel Group of 7 Hotels – Midlands

Merchant Card
The savings identified were 30%, in cash terms approx. £35000 a year.

Hotel Group of 3 Hotels West Country

Merchant Card
We have identified saving of £14000 a year by switching provider.